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Company is situated at Chandigarh the city beautiful and in North of India. The company was incorporated in year 1981.Chandigrah is the most modern city of India, well planned with green environment.

The company is situated in the north of India approx. 250km from National Capital of India, well connected by 3-4 Boeing Flights and Shatabdi Train Kalka Howarah, Paschim Express trains from New Delhi.

The Company is family holding with P.S. Matharoo as Managing Director and Gagandeep Singh Matharoo as Director.

The company is operating in approx. 19,800 sq.ft. Area with corporate office and works in Chandigarh.

Our Salient Features

1. Assembling & Testing  

2. Pre-dispatch Inspection & Testing

3. Detail of Machinery & Equipment  

4. Surface Preparation  

5. Fabrication 

6. Surface coating / Finishing  

7. Bus-Bars  

Testing Facilities
Construction Details
Each and every panel is designed to meet the specific requirement of the customers, at the same time meeting IS/ BS specifications. The following are salient points kept in mind :-
1.  Adequate cubic space for each and every component.
2. Tropical/ Sub tropical conditions and humidity are main considerations in designing a cubicle.
3.  Space heaters, ventilators, louvers and exhaust fans are provided.
4. Height, depth and length are worked out depending upon the size of switchgears and the maintenance point of view.