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Applicable Indian Standard Specification:

Manufacturing Power control centers, Motor control centers, DB, Instrumentation Panels, PLC Panels, AC/ DC Drives Panels is followed by following Indian Standard Specifications which are equivalent to British Standard Specifications.

IS 2147: Degree of protection provided by enclosures for low voltage switchgears and control gears

IS 4237: General requirement of Switchgears and Control Gears for voltages not exceeding 1000 volts.

IS 4064: Air Break Switch disconnections and fuse combination units.

IS 375: Arrangement of Switchgears bus bars, main connection auxilliary wiring and marking.

IS 8623: Specifications for factory built assemblies of switchgears and control gears not exceeding 1000 volts.

IS 2208: HRC cartridge fuse links upto 650 volts.

IS 2959: AC Contactors for voltage not exceeding 1000 volts.

IS 2705: Current Transformer.

IS 3231: Electrical relays for power system protection.

IS 4794: Push button switches General requirement and test.

Our Committment to Quality:

Emco’s Quality Management System has duly been recognized and approved by Indian Register Quality System (Deptt. Of Indian Register of Shipping) accredited by Radd Voor de Certificate, Dutch Council, Holland

At every stage of manufacturing the quality checks are carried out right from selection of CR sheet, shearing, folding, welding, drilling, making cut out, surface cleaning and powder/ liquid coating, assembly and pre dispatch inspection.

Emco maintains high level of consistent quality. We have type testing for short rating capacity 50 KA for 1 sec. And IP-55, ingress protection. From switchgear testing station, Central Power research Institute, Bhopal.(MP)