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Testing Facilities

Construction Details

Each and every panel is designed to meet the specific requirement of the customers, at the same time meeting IS/ BS specifications. The following are salient points kept in mind :-

1.  Adequate cubic space for each and every component.

2.  Tropical/ Sub tropical conditions and humidity are main considerations in designing a cubicle.

3.  Space heaters, ventilators, louvers and exhaust fans are provided.

4. Height, depth and length are worked out depending upon the size of switchgears and the maintenance point of view.

5. Main auxiliary and vertical bus-bars are designed to withstand 50 KA short circuit breaking capacity and following are the salient points

i.   Non hygroscopic bus-bar supports

ii.  Bus-bar supports have high impact and tensile strength.

iii. Very high tracking index.

iv. Highly fire retardant.

v. All bus-bars are insulated with heat shrinkable sleeves. Continuous earth bus is provided to which all the switchgears are connected and can be copper/ aluminum as agreed with the customer.

Cable Terminators

Liberal cable spaces are provided for termination of cables. In higher rating switchgears where more than one cables are to be used, like in the circuit breakers or MCCB, terminals are extended with bus-bars links where cables can be terminated. Adequate support to hold cables and leads are also provided.


All the matching surfaces are gasketed to stop entry of dust and reptiles. Our panels are duly tested for
IP-55 to ensure positive dust proofing.

Testing Infrastructure:

Besides our Panels being CPRI tested for 50KA shock circuit breaking capacity and
IP-55 ingress protection, following tests are carried out:

Insulation Test for 2.5 KV for 1 minute

Megger Test

Operational Test

Physical Verification of electrical components as per order